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When your friend invites you out several nights in a row for a long night of drinking and you decline. Then, on Sunday, he declines your offer for 1 beer and you call him a pussy.
Me? Pussy? Dude, I've been out drinking late every night this week, yo, and you had to sit at home and wash your hair...don't pull a Karl Walker by calling me a puss.
by Greg February 11, 2005

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Skrewdriver were a white-power band from the u.k. fronted by the late and great Ian Stuart. he also led the "blood and honour" group, and was a great inspiration to everyone in the movement. Skrewdriver were best known for one of their most ground breaking songs "white power". was and always will be a legendary band.
"fight for your country, fight for your race, fight for your nation" - skrewdriver
by Greg January 18, 2005

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A well-timed midair physical blow dealt upon a wrongdoer.
"A guy tried to steal my bike yesterday, but I gave him the dropkick of justice."
by Greg April 08, 2005

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long form of the word "please" said in the way roger rabbit would say it.
"Let me have that cookie"
"no way man"
"puhleeze, you gotta give me a cookie"
by Greg March 15, 2005

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(n) A genius who tirelessly works to expose the murderous lies committed by the US government abroad.
I've never learned as much from school as I have from Chomsky's books!
by greg February 03, 2007

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definition for many sexual positions, impossible to explain with just words
the "wet" zurcher, the "oh my" zurcher, the "twisted" zurcher, the "backwards" zurcher
by Greg June 16, 2003

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cash, money etc. the words cash, and hashish combined.
I need a job man, I'm desperate for some cashish!
by greg January 24, 2006

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