269 definition by greg

Softest, most comforting feeling of warmth and happinest, mostly brought on by the lovelyest of girl's touch or love.
When Jill hugs me i get the most luftiest of feeling.
by Greg July 30, 2003

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hit with an attitude
someone cut me off so I barmped my horn at
by Greg December 31, 2004

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Term coined by Violent Jay of the Insane Clown Posse, while serving as a guest on the radio show "Loveline" (used to be a tv show on MTV). The term refers to a man ejaculating upon the face of a female partner.

See also money shot
1. "I'm very familiar with my own nut 'cause I'm constantly spattin' it off in groupie's faces. Sshplaaaat! Right in their face! Get it all! Get painted, freak! I say get painted when I'm painting them with my jiz." -Violent Jay

2. Last Friday night, Shane got Carissa drunk and had a grand time painting her face.

3. The clown painted my face at the carnival last weekend.
by Greg October 07, 2004

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phrase uttered when something bad happens. taken from the scene in Se7en where Brad Pitt has a very distressing package sent to him from the killer.
(you unsuspectingly click a link and see the goatse)
"awww, what's in the box?!?!"
by Greg March 13, 2004

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a girl so drugged or stupid that they have sex without even realizing it, and can get talked into it even while being prude
halle is such a junkie whore
by greg June 14, 2004

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Unlike the other people seem to suggest for this entry, a funboy is not necessarily gay. He is more of a metrosexual; the kind of really stylish guys that dress in expensive clothes like they might be gay, but are just really stylish.
I saw a couple funboys headed to the club wearing their cashmere and pink polo shirts.
by greg January 03, 2004

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A mathematical expression equalling exactly one and one half (1 1/2).
"The plank of wood is niven feet long."
by Greg November 19, 2003

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