Refer to a piece of (or a segment of) electronic communications (could be of any kind - phone, encrypted radio, satellite, email, etc.) that contains sensitive information which may be of interest to the government or an intelligence agency.
Langley picked up some chatters this morning suggesting a deep sleeping terrorist cell -- right here in DC -- has just been activated. NSA is still analyzing the intel but we need to brief the President right NOW.
by genome2k December 8, 2010
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a person who spends all free and paid time online talking with others who are obsessive compulsive as well..generally having no life..or teeth. Living life precariously behind a keyboard..waking up to pee and see whats up online.
Shes not fat shes a chatter.
by Michelle October 16, 2003
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Slang for chewing tobacco. Instead of chew, we refer to it as a chatter. The chatter will be spit into the schpater.
After a long night of drinking, there's always time for a chatter and some West Wing.
by UNLwally December 6, 2005
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hist.: Chatter is a word first invented and brought to public through the Bushism and collectively known as Bushism by George HW Bush.

1) Chatter was a code word that was used to describe the nomenclature for the intelligence gathering of many automated and human resourced activity for the purposes of monitor and collective intelligence gathering of those whom may be of actual intelligence.

2) Chatter is a word that was used to discern sentient life forms on planet earth in the beginning of the new millennium 2001 and on.

3) Chatter is used to describe the programing of noises and sounds that represents an input in sensory conditions to program a certain specific outcome such as those exhibited by the spygamen lecheminduroi.

4) Chatter is also a form of the modern language in the way that new words are developed to form the human condition of programming through the expansion of time and manifest destiny.

5) Chatter is the cumulative speak that happens when random imaginary agents infiltrate the environment and radioactivity occurs to excite the human mind outside of normal hallucinations.
Ex.: Yo spygamen lecheminduroi said George chatter all day to say he was doing okay.
Ex.: As the environmental and neurological condition changes due from the lack of stressors new words are formed into strings of chatter to program the human mind and to infiltrate the subconscious to create willing participants in the game of illusions.

Ex.: The objective of chatter is to have a methodology of infecting other individuals to bend to their master's control remotely and therefore by remote have an ability that is gained to control the victims remotely and from distance. They are considered non biological and pathological methods of infecting individuals and therefore are considered infectious.
by Jimmywah January 27, 2019
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A person who spends all free and paid time online talking with others who are obsessive compulsive as life..or teeth. Living life precariously behind a keyboard..waking up to pee and see whats up online. Usually laying in bed with cordless keyboard on lap typing away.
Other compulsive online activies include singles sites, indulging in internet friends sites, usually refering to online people that they have never met as, "friends" eventhough they have never met them.
She never moves from the computer, she is such a chatter.
by fritzy neval November 8, 2006
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Common slang for the AI language model chat GPT
"Do you actually write this story it's amazing"
"Nah it was all chatters"
by joe satriani 7392 September 11, 2023
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The term Chattering Classes is an essentially British expression, seldom heard outside the UK. It was invented by British journalist Oberon Waugh (he really couldn’t stand them) but was later taken up by pundits and political commentators to describe a group of the “metropolitan middle class”. Generally though it’s used as a derogatory tag for those who are politically active, socially concerned and ‘highly’ educated; especially those with political, media or academic connections. Its original meaning has now changed somewhat and now it usually refers to WOFS, Londoncentric pseudo-celebrities who talk a lot about social injustice, disaster relief, third world aid and all the other fashionable causes but do absolutely fuck all to help.
by AKACroatalin May 28, 2015
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