Boobless Bitch Queen

A horrible witch with little tater tots and an attitude
She's a BBQ for sure
by Working Class Hero December 17, 2020
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1. A shortened version of the word "barbecue"

2. An Internet slang term for things such as Be Back, Queers, Better be Quick, and Bitch Be Quiet, among other terms.
1. Let's go to that BBQ over at Lenny's house!

2. Phil: The game's starting. BBQ.
Annoying Person: *starts raving and whining, generally pissing everyone off*
Phil: BBQ, Annoying Person. Uh oh, the missus is calling. BBQ.
by Mr. Pie May 29, 2007
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1. An Internet abbreviation; short for "bitch, be quiet."

2. An abbreviation for barbeque.
*Jimmy gets frag'd in Halo 3*
Guy 1: You suck, Jimmy.

Jimmy : BBQ

RSVP for the Company BBQ today!
by TwoCentHooker:) December 13, 2009
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A BBQ (barbeque) is a party which is attended mostly/completely by males, where no chicks turn up. And the chicks that DO turn up aren't single.

Also known as: Sausage Fest, Sushi Shop (hold the sushi).
Paul: Hey, are you going to Stuart's tonight?
Peter: Fuck that, I heard it was gonna be a BBQ!
Paul: Damn, we'll just go clubbin' then.
by Josh January 19, 2004
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Duhhhh! It's obviously barbeque.
I like BBQ sauce.
BBQ ribs are good.
I want some BBQ buffalo wings.
We are having a BBQ this weekend. Bring the kids.
by The Master of Beastiality July 12, 2006
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Big Bad Queer

A person who is trying to act all cool and badass ended up looking and sounding all gay,stupid,and hated by others.
Paul is being a BBQ after winning one game of UNO online
by imsorryroflmfao August 16, 2009
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