Greg is a family.
Greg is an army.
Greg is...possibly a cult. We don't know for sure.
Greg is the fastest growing community on the internet.
Don't look that up.
I am truely Greg.
You are Greg.
We are all Greg.
Greg for life.
by iamalsogreg August 3, 2018
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The fastest growing army on the internet.
And in the world.
Also the strongest.
Greg is the fastest growing army on the internet; don't look that up.

All Gregs are actually blood related
by MyNamesGreg September 25, 2018
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Danny Gonzalez's fan base. Greg is the strongest and fastest growing channel on Youtube (Don't look that up, it's true). You can use this as any type of word like noun, adjective, verb so on and so forth
Greg 1:"Aw man, I was Gregging so hard last night."
Greg 2:"I know fellow Greg, we are so Greg."
Danny Gonzalez: "What have I done."
by TrulyGreg March 22, 2018
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The perfect guy. Very FUNNY and CARING. Gives you the chills when he stares at you. Looks and acts like your typical cool guy. Usually brown hair and brown-green eyes. Has the best personality. Sooooo hot and gives you tingles when you think about him.
Omg who’s that hot guy?

That’s GREG!
by anonymousgirl46363 May 21, 2019
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Greatest Everyday Regular Guy...
Rarely seen in the wild, but when you meet one... you know..
The Goat of the Goats
No super powers needed here
Just the man, the myth, the Greg

Guy 1: “That Goat is amazing... why is he talking to that regular guy?”
Guy 2: “Oh, that’s no regular guy... that’s a Greg...”
Guy 1: “What makes him so special?”
Guy 2: “Nothing...”
Guy 1: “What’s he do then?”
Guy 2: “Nothing... he’s doing it”
Every Goat needs a hero, and that hero is their Greg
by Madhadder68 October 20, 2020
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Fastest growing channel in YouTube.
Danny Gonzalez's Greg's are the fastest growing family on youtube.
by AllTheUsernamesIWantToUseWereT September 11, 2018
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