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A highly intelligent, eager to learn everything, hard working successful man. Greg's are usually very social and careful not to hurt peoples feelings but will put you in your place if you deserve it. They are very fun when in their element and have a great sense of humor. Very giving, flirty, sexy, honest. Greg's are great Husbands and great lovers.
They can't sit still because they are to eager to learn.
They are very loyal doting Husbands.
Greg's have great sex!!!
by HunnyMomma February 03, 2010
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A scottish word used mainly in glasgow
meaning to always get drunk and flirt with women
do you like him?
Yeah hes ok but hes a bit of a greg...
really, i thought he was shy?
nah he flirts with all the girls when hes drunk
by Emz2007 March 03, 2007
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Greg or Gregory is usually someone who is great at many things not so much at others but an awesome person, a little different and people just love them.
Greg is frickin' awesome!
by joejimbobsaget August 13, 2008
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he will definetly become your best friend, often will have dark hair, and/or blue eyes.

when you find a greg, keep him.
omg greg is my best friend ever, i dont know what i would do without him!
by sidney<3crosby May 03, 2010
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The embodiment of ataraxia, a greek term for freedom from worry, fear, and other preoccupations. According to the philosopher Epicurus, it is the only true happiness possible for a human being.
When the Velvet Underground wrote the song Sweet Jane, they must have known Greg.
by MountainBluebird December 08, 2009
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A Greg is the most amazing person in the world and many many girls fall head over heals for him. He is very caring, loving, sexy and just plain fun to be around. Whenever he smiles it lights up your day and girls would do anything to have him. He is strong and has a HUGE dick which many girls would die for.
I had a hell of a time last night with Greg, I am sooooooo lucky to have him!
by ladysarah1784 February 09, 2010
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A guy who likes to show himself after a shower and then acts shy. Just admit it -
you want it!
He keeps gregging me - must be awful horny
by Paper bitch December 15, 2008
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