1. To drink something (a fountain, sink, potion) in a hearty manner.

2. Usually used by people with an extended vocabulary, such as Edgar Allan Poe.
1. You see here a fountain. 'q'

Drink from the fountain? (y/N) y

This tepid water is tasteless.
from nethack

2. "Quaff, oh quaff such kind nepenthe .."
from The Raven
by Xevium March 06, 2010
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To feast on something so glorious it brings one immense joy.
Emily was about to quaff on those plantain chips.
by GG Martino April 10, 2019
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quaff (kwaaff) - The revolting burp one has just before vomit spews from one's esophagus, at which point one knows there is no turning back (Here come da puke).
She could not hold it any longer. A deafening quaff rumbled her entrails like rolling thunder. In a split second her jaw shot down and her tongue stuck out as an ocean of scotch and macaroni spewed from her esophagus, filling her mouth. She tried to contain it, but with each heave, more vomit spewed from her lips and onto her guests. No, Hillary Rodham Clinton would not be winning the presidency this year.
by bjergen July 17, 2006
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slang term used to describe ones hair.
first used by mr.lif in his "Dreadfro" song off the "Live at The Middle east" album.
Im gonna sing a song about the evolution of my QUAFF
by d3n1z da cookie monster August 15, 2007
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