A word to describe someone who pleases women at the expense of his masculinity. He will often be called gay, but that doesn't phase him as long as he gets attention. Hardware store is along the same lines as tool, tool bag, and tool shed, but to a much greater extreme.
The term hardware store within itself has two separate degrees of toolness. First is Home Depot, which is basically your average hardware store advertising how much wood it as. The second is known as Hechinger. Yes, Hechinger went out of business six years ago, but because it went out of business, women can walk right in and take whatever they desire. There is absolutely no hesitation.
Suzie: "Billy told me he dreams about penises. I laughed so hard and really wanted to have sex with him."
Jimmy: "Now, now, Suzie. Billy is clearly a hardware store."
by Gary P February 24, 2006
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One who is an exemplified tool.
Ranking of toolness from least to greatest: toolbox, tool chest, tool shed, hardware store.

"That kid who always asks the same questions in class such a tool"
"Yea, he's such a hardware store"
by The Butcher36 February 8, 2007
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a bunch of annoying little girls who wear short shorts and little tank tops, even in the middle of winter. they're like 12 and 13 years old, but pretend that they're 16, even though they scream like they're 10. they follow around a cute boy, typically an aidan who isn't exactly zac efron to the general population but he is to that one awesome girl who hates the hardware store. they love spreading rumors about the girl to get him angry at her and so that they can have him all to themselves. they are called a "hardware store" because they are all tools and there are many of them.
awesome girl:"the hardware store spread another rumor about me."

awesome girl's friend: "why dont we go beat them up?"
by thecheezwoman6 March 24, 2012
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n. a place filled with individuals that most people would classify as tools.
"God, this place is such a hardware store."
"Don't go there. It is a total hardware store."
by John C. Peterson December 9, 2007
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The most extreme instance of toolishness. This person cannot be anymore of a loser - they are being extremely used by other people or society without even knowing it.
John: Ashley used to like white wine but switched to red because she saw cool people drinking it.
Joe: What a hardware store! Ashley is such a Home Depot you could fix your house just by talking to her.
by g best man January 6, 2007
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An even larger douche that Tool, Toolbox, and Toolshed.
Dude, I saw this guy pretending to give a homeless guy a stack of hundreds, but then he fucking dabbed on him and walked away, what a fucking Hardware Store.
by Arandomboi June 9, 2018
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Going to a hardware store with the specific purpose of receiving a blow job from a migrant worker in the bathroom stall
Example One - Mark: I could really use a Hardware Store Hot Dog right now

Example Two - Juan: I'm totally worn out from selling Hardware Store Hot Dogs all day.
by BritBrit303 August 8, 2012
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