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1980s science fiction film starring Harrison Ford and directed by Ridley Scott. Bladerunners are special police officers trained to hunt down replicant rogues.

The film is well known among sci-fi fans for its ending, which the studio forced Scott to change for the original theatrical release (it was later restored in a director's cut). The studio forced Scott to replace the dark, ambiguous closing scene with a sickning honeymoon scene and voiceover.

Ford and Scott hold different views as to whether Ford's character in the film is a replicant or not. This ambiguous plot point is not entirely proven or disproven in the DC.
Have you seen Bladerunner? Great movie, but what's with those weird unicorn bits?
by Greg May 01, 2004

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When a dude is bangin' a chick and at the cusp of orgasm yells "Penis Brigade!" at which point several other dudes run into the room and proceed to masturbate all over the woman's body in a Bukake-like manner.
Dave and his friends from home gave this drunk freshman a Penis Brigade on Friday night, man. It was funny as hell and everyone laughed like a bastard.
by Greg April 28, 2005

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Getting wasted before going to an event or the bar so you dont have to pay the higher prices for alcohol.
I'm a poor dirt bag, I need to pre-drink first
by Greg June 02, 2004

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An anal dwelling dwarf whos job is to the clean the ass from which it dwells. Usually named Gabe...otherwise known as a homosexual.
Gabe is an assbelunker...and a damn good one at that...foo
by greg September 09, 2004

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to eat pussy
"Listen, I don't eat peaches. But the way you look tonight, I just might take a bite." - DirtBag (from Monica's "Get it Off")
by Greg May 01, 2004

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alcohol+nazi One who tries to limit your drinking, by taking away your alcohol and/or making it difficult for you to drink more
I want another beer, quit being such an alcohol nazi.
by Greg February 17, 2005

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shortened version of the korean word for the penis (Jaji / or Chachi).
Tino, don't be such a jaj. Tony, you're such a jaj.
by Greg July 02, 2004

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