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The act of being raped by a gay person.
The man testified against the man accused of gaype.
by Greg February 17, 2004
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hahaha! Im in volksport too!
VWs kick ass and so does Volksport
by Greg January 21, 2005
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Worcestershire Sauce. Goes with well done steaks, cutlets, chops, beer and Chartreuse.
Jen: "I can't believe that I ran out of Worcestershire Sauce before this BBQ!"

Alex: "It's OK I've brought a whole bottle with me - I'm drinking beer and Woosta tonight"

All else present: "Hu-Ah!"
by Greg January 7, 2004
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can be used as a dildo in hard times
Hey angelina (les partner) do you get the dildo?
No, but i have this microphone.
by Greg April 6, 2003
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S tupid
QU ick
I nevitably
D ead
by Greg June 18, 2003
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"Commonly mistakened for a object that stops doors. It is infact an adjective used by few like James Greg Dyas. The actualy definition of word is it describes an immensely beautiful person but the real beauty it emphasizes on is the inner beauty of a person with high value to user who describes them."
Greg: "Yah that girl Kayla Is a Real Door Stopper!"
Fahad: "Yah buT your my Door Stopper!"
Greg: :o
by Greg August 25, 2004
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