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S tupid
QU ick
I nevitably
D ead
by Greg June 18, 2003
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"Commonly mistakened for a object that stops doors. It is infact an adjective used by few like James Greg Dyas. The actualy definition of word is it describes an immensely beautiful person but the real beauty it emphasizes on is the inner beauty of a person with high value to user who describes them."
Greg: "Yah that girl Kayla Is a Real Door Stopper!"
Fahad: "Yah buT your my Door Stopper!"
Greg: :o
by Greg August 25, 2004
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Pronghorn Antelope......The "sentinel of the plains".
Look at that Slick Dog
by Greg April 20, 2004
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Worcestershire Sauce. Goes with well done steaks, cutlets, chops, beer and Chartreuse.
Jen: "I can't believe that I ran out of Worcestershire Sauce before this BBQ!"

Alex: "It's OK I've brought a whole bottle with me - I'm drinking beer and Woosta tonight"

All else present: "Hu-Ah!"
by Greg January 7, 2004
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A song by Blink 182 and by far their best song and one of the few great songs by them since they turned to pop rock.
We really need to see this through
We never wanted to be abused
We'll never give up its no use
If were fucked up your to blame
by Greg April 19, 2004
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containing the word "hoe" and "gina" coming from vagina. This is a hoe thats likes to give up her vagina. aka a slut.
Hey man whats up with that girl Stacey?
Oh she has sex with just about anyone, shes a hogina.
by Greg August 26, 2004
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