To have the pot in your bowl all smoked up, to where youre left with ashes.
Jay "Is it cashed?"
Leo ::Takes Hit::"Yup"
by CoorsLightEMU April 20, 2003
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Alternative to money. Like money, the term is used to describe anything that one might find especially favorable or pleasing.

Synthesized etymology: Much like with the colloquial expression "money in the bank," the target of discussion is being likened to the desirability of cash.
You're going out with a Playmate of the Month..?
Dude-- that's cash.
by J Monty Rivers December 26, 2003
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blackburn:i bet i can shoot this paper into the trash can
brad:dude, that shot was cash
by j-rob mad fresh April 24, 2010
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(v) To empty out a bowl of spent marijuana from a pipe or bowl piece.
Hey, this tastes like shit. Think you could cash this pipe so I can pack another bowl?
by snowridah June 20, 2009
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