269 definition by greg

When a group or one person completely OWNZ u!!!
P_K just Pwnasarus-Rexed me!!
by Greg March 02, 2005

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1. Ability to pick up members of the opposite sex.

2. General complement.
1. "Greg sure has the ism"

2. "You got da ism, baby!
by Greg April 18, 2005

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The acceptance that you don't know whether God exists or not, and the acceptance that you don't care.

See also: pessimism, agnosticism
Random guy: Is there a God?

Polytheist: No, there's lots of gods and godesses.
Monotheist: Yes, just the one.
Atheist, No, there aren't any gods.
Agnosticist: I don't know.
Pessimistic agnosticist: I don't know, and I don't care.
Optimistic agnosticism: I don't know, but I really wanna find out.
by Greg March 20, 2005

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A fun snack, especially for children that are products of inter-family realationships and philip.
Cletis' son love to eat paint chips.
by Greg December 05, 2003

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Synonym to the popular acronym wtf. Used among leet speakers to add more emphasis to the expression.
speaker1: blaaaargh!! i am the fatty boom batty!
speaker2: WTFZOR!?
by Greg September 20, 2003

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The uncontrollable desire to have sex with old people
That person's gentrophilia creeps me out.
by Greg October 26, 2002

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A Cardassian secret police and spy agency. Enabran Tain was its longest serving chief; his son Garak was a onetime agent and was kept alive in exile only by its intervention.
The Obsidian Order works among the shadows.
by Greg October 07, 2004

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