41 definition by exitflagger

An embarrassing situation. References blushing from humiliation.
He didn't want to confront her in person and take that face burning. So he just left a message on her voice mail.
by exitflagger May 06, 2008

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To be very hungover from drinking the night before.
I couldn't get off the couch yesterday. I had a treacherous tinkertoy.
by exitflagger May 06, 2008

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Term generally denotes a lack of anything happening or something being woefully sub-standard.
Heather’s party was ridiculous, man. She didn’t invite anybody till the last minute, she told people it was BYOB, all she had was chips and dip and the stereo was broken. 100% air pudding, dude…
by exitflagger May 06, 2008

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Body odor or anything that smells of poor personal hygiene.
We started making out back at her place but I was getting some kind of foul turban off of her. It was treacherous!
by exitflagger May 06, 2008

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To convince yourself that an ugly woman is attractive as a means to a sexual end. Much like "beer goggles", this usually happens while drunk.
Guy 1: Holy crap, why is Jimmy buying drinks for that Frankenstein-looking chick?
Guy 2: He's busy molding and sculpting over there.
by exitflagger May 06, 2008

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A large zit that is ripe for squeezing.
Donna was acting weird and wouldn't look me in the face when I was talking to her. I went and looked in the bathroom mirror and realized that I had a massive geel popper on my forehead! Wow, man, I ain't hittin' on shit!
by exitflagger May 01, 2008

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To act in a way that makes others think that you may be insane or possibly just weird.
Guy 1: Dude, where did that girl go?
Guy 2: She's in the bathroom with the lights off.
Guy 1: What's she doing?
Guy 2: Just kinda freening I guess. I don't know.
by exitflagger April 30, 2008

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