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Used to describe when a situation has suddenly turned awkwardly confrontational, dangerous or tense. Derives from a scenario where three men are casually sitting down and exchanged words escalate to the point where they stand up, ready to fight or possibly reach for a gun.
...then she told me she was late and that's when we all three stood up. Come to find out she was just talking about how she missed the first 15 minutes of her psyche class the other day. Whew!
by exitflagger April 25, 2008

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A nice female rear end that is unusually close to the ground when she walks, possibly because of short legs. More commonly used in reference to the storage compartment on a fishing boat.
(Girl walks by)
Guy 1: Godzilla, check out the lower unit!
Guy 2: Damn, that IS a lower unit!
by exitflagger April 25, 2008

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Usually describes the sound of a bad white band trying to play black music. It can also be applied in situations where someone is just being too uptight or not "keeping it real".
(Band plays poor version of "Brick House")
Reaction: "Damn! They took all the funk out of that!"
by exitflagger May 02, 2008

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To put in a spectacularly entertaining drunken performance in a social situation.
It was amazing. He was sweeping it big-time. He was all hammered so he accidentally peed on himself and then he went up to a big table full of girls and spilled his drink on them. He topped it all off by puking in the bushes outside.
by exitflagger April 30, 2008

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To sweat profusely, creating a smell that is common amongst hard-working men.
The air-conditioner in my car is broken and if I go more than a mile or two I'm busting a man all over the place by the time I get there.
by exitflagger May 06, 2008

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To have bad acne, pimples, zits, etc.

(Shortened from the old joke "He has so many zits, (How many does he have?) ...he fell asleep in the library and woke up with a blind man trying to read his face.")
Guy 1: Laurie's really a cute chick; shame about her complexion though.
Guy 2: She needs to get some medicine for that blind man all over her face.
by exitflagger May 01, 2008

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Woman with large breasts.
Remember that thing with the things from last weekend? I seen her again at the mall. Them things came in the door about three seconds before the rest of her did!
by exitflagger April 29, 2008

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