1. Fully developed; mature
2. Sufficiently advanced in preparation or aging to be used or eaten
3. Fully prepared to do or undergo something; ready

Commonly used to describe fruit, it can also be used to describe girls and their assets.
by 5514 April 27, 2006
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Ready to fuck. Typically applies to girls who just turn 18.
When Helen became ripe on her birthday, she knew what to do.
by urban pervert March 30, 2003
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jesus tamika... those pants are ripe girl! where you get 'em?!
by xeroheart February 24, 2005
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another term for stinky or nasty
the hamper is prety ripe
by tom October 1, 2003
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Skyeesha's pussy is ripe as fuc
by ben December 19, 2002
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A girl who is beautiful and smokiing. A girl who is worth getting with.
Manny is ripe. I need her digits.
by Johnny Clutch 28 January 16, 2005
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One who is seventeen years old.
Fundo: Check out that high schooler. She looks ripe.
by authOOr August 25, 2006
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