My best friend
My other half
My bestay

My sister 🥺

Nicole is the most loyal person living. She will never leave you, she's very funny and has a great sense of humour. She will always be there when you need her.

If you are besties with Nicole, means that she trusts you to the fullest. She will know if you are lying and she is very truthful, when she says the truth she doesn't mean to offend you at all.

She will share everything with you. She expects you to do the same. She's insecure but beautiful.

Thats mah bestie ^^^^
Person 1: Nicole is so pretty
Person 2: Yeah! She's so funny

Person 1: she's mine 🤬
*They fight LOL*
by ella.mmaa May 26, 2021
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A Nicole is very strong mentally, nothing or no one can get to her. She is capable of doing anything she puts her heart into. Not only is she intelligent but is gorgeous, even though she doesn’t believe it. She gets compliments about her looks often. A Nicole is also the bestest friend, she will always have your back and she makes friends easily. She doesn’t need popularity as she runs away from fake friends.
I want to be Nicole, she is the definition of beauty and brains.
by Londongirl October 22, 2019
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Nicole is a funny person who can make you laugh all day.she is nice,sweet,outgoing and amazing.She is a awesome and incredible friend.Lastly,she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions about her
Nicole is my best friend
by Harlette cruz May 5, 2019
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Nicole where can I start, she is just the kind and sweetest person in the world she never likes to hurt peoples feelings and is one of the friends that will stay by your side, she is different to other friends but in a good way she has her own unique personality and is very very good-looking:
Person- oh my is that Nicole, she is so prettyyyy

Nicole- well Thank you!! I think the same for u
by Leon Theo the G August 8, 2019
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Nicole is the mix of smart, athletic, funny, beautiful...just plain out perfect. She is a great girlfriend and a wonderful friend. She knows how to stick up for herself and those she cares about. She is also very caring and loving for her friends and family. Shes always there for you when your down and can always put a smile on your face with her jokes. Hey you...yes you if you have Nicole in your life treat her well and consider yourself the luckiest person alive because she is the best in the world. Also you can’t ignore those beautiful blue eyes. Anyways Nicole your the best!
Dude 1- Bro you know Nicole from science class?
Dude 2-Yeah she’s the best...I would of failed my test if she didn’t help me study.
Dude 1- Ikr shes so kind
Both- Nicole for president

*Im Nicole and I approve this message*
by AFriendOfNicole June 2, 2019
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A Nicole is someone who is omnipotent. A Nicole is gorgeous, intelligent, mysterious, witty, hilarious, out-going, creative and seductive, yet she is also tough, street-smart, experienced, brave, enduring, and mainly a wonderful mother. Nothing and nobody can compare to a Nicole in any aspect. Mess with a Nicole, or her family, and you will regret ever being born.
"Why vote for either Presidential candidate, when there is a Nicole out there much more suitable for the position?"
by Nicoleisgreat May 24, 2008
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A beautiful intelligent and all around wonderful person. Despite this, Nicole's are prone to underestimate their excellent skills and significant assets.

Fiercely loyal to friends and family, she has your back when the cards are down. Also she has a supernatural love for animals and most especially dogs.

Don't fuck with a Nicole because she might punch you in the throat...she don't take no mess.
Overheard at a party-
person 1: "Nicole is so awesome!"

person 2: "duh"

That Nicole, she's so terrific and she doesn't even know it!
by nicole fan February 4, 2010
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