An intangilbe device that determines which thoughts to actually say out loud to another human being.
"My sister says some dumb shit, she was born without a filter."
by Benbejammin July 21, 2008
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1. To think.
2. To make an incorrect assumption, assessment or interpretation.
3. To screw something up through bungled or inept actions.
1. Whatcha filter about that thing with the things?
2. You didn't hear the first part of what we were talking about. You had a filter on the whole conversation.
3. He didn't read the directions while he was making it, so he was halfway finished before he realized that he'd filtered it, big time.
by exitflagger April 29, 2008
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underwear; briefs; panties

The Martha & The Muffins song off the _This Is The Ice Age_ album from the early 1980's entitled "Boy Without Filters" might have been the genesis of the term. Also one needs to include the image and function of cigarette filters and coffee filters.

What they're filtering is left up to the user: gas, sweaty ball odor, snatch stench, overpowering sexual passion, etc.
I gotta buy some new filters. The elastic's shot on this pair.
by Chris February 07, 2005
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a place where all of the shit collects

something used to seperate unwanted materials from wanted materials. the unwanted materials stick with the filter.
Mr. Dulles used a filter to seperate the grounds out of his coffee.

The Sanitation Department filters the shit out of the sewage before sending it to the treatment plant.
by idkfa February 07, 2006
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when a motorcyclist rides down the middle of multilane traffic when it is stopped. Is very enjoyable to do in early morning peak hour traffic, much to the frustration of angry car drivers (especially asshole 4wders). When filtering through moving traffic, it is called lane-splitting. Filtering is far less dangerous.
I filtered to work this morning

awesome, how'd that go

great, i cut half an hour of my commute time and i pissed off a lot of bastard cagers
by littlepinklady November 05, 2008
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When a girl is giving a boy oral sexual intercourse, the boy finishes in her mouth. However, after this takes place, the boy will then take a straw and suck the semen from her mouth. From there, he spits it back into her face as she screams, "filter me!"
Kevin: "this head feels so good I think I'm going to come in your mouth. let me get a straw."

Kathy: "FILTER ME!"
by filterme December 08, 2007
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