I just asked my friends what I should add to the urban dictionary and they said "I don't know" so here is the definition :)
Barry: "What does "IDK" mean?"
larry: "I don't know."
Barry: "God dammit nobody seems to."
by depressed_bin_chicken123 September 26, 2019
What do you think it means? Whats that? You don't know? OH MY GOD! YOU JUST WORKED IT OT!
Why the hell are you reading definitions of "I Don't Know"?

Man... I don't know!
by Pimpage. April 2, 2005
An answer when you have no idea what the answer is, yet teachers say it's not a valid answer
"Jimmy, what's 2+2?"
"I don't know teacher"
by IKNOU March 5, 2019
I don't know; or in other words: I do not give a fuck about what you're asking me.

Mostly used when you don't want to start a conversation with someone.
1. Mom: "What do you want to eat for dinner, son?"
Son: "I don't know, mom."

2. Joe: "How are you doing that?"
Billy: "Dude, I don't know."

**Real Signification**:
1. Mom: "What do you want to eat for dinner, son?"
Son: "Shut up, mom, I'm doing something more interesting than you."

2. Joe: "How are you doing that?"
Billy: "Dude, I don't give a damn about you. Get the fuck out."
by cervul March 9, 2014
what student's always say when they don't study
Teacher: Billy, what do students always say when they don't study?
Billy: I don't know
Teacher: That's right!!!
by maureen lewis April 21, 2004
The inability to give the correct answer, even if there isn't one. And you know no matter what answer you give, it's WRONG!
Boss Man: Mark?
Mark: Yes?
Boss Man: What's 1+1?
Mark: I don't know.
by Steve Monty May 24, 2007
A statement of confusion and extreme exaustion. Especially appropriate after staying up all night outside of a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.
"So, why did you camp out for the grand openning?"
"I don't know."
"OK, uhh, are you excited to have a Krispy Kreme in Spokane?"
"I don't know."
by stevie September 15, 2003