open mouth kissing usually with tongue, and occasionally groping between 2 individuals.
I made out with my girlfriend last night.

it was fun.
by andrew January 12, 2005
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Swaping spit with another person and having each others tongues moving all over the place in each other's mouth and carassing each other.
I was making out with my girlfriend last night and she loved it....oooohhh ya.
by Mark March 22, 2005
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The act of voluntarily exchanging spit with another person of the same or opposite sex for an extended time period.
Hey teacher look! Chris and Leah are making out and leah cant breath!!!
by Mo February 26, 2004
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Two people kissing for an extended period of time; often involves tongue but tongue is not always involved in making out.

(NOTE: using tongue is actually french kissing but sometimes people use tongue when making out)
My girlfriend and i were making out on the weekend.
by Mark Crest March 12, 2009
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kissing some one with tongue repeatedly or for a long period of time.
Z: Yeah, he was laying down and she was sitting next to him and they were making out like crazy. I'm pretty sure J got a picture or video of it.
H: Damn I wish that was me. She is hot!
Z: No shit. You were flirting with her so much. He was about to kill you.

H: What ever.
by funfuckingweekend March 22, 2010
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1) (Making out to someone) To flirt excessively and/or inappropriately.
2) To kiss someone repeatedly and/or for an extented period of time, sometimes accompanied by "touching".
I saw her at the party last night... she was making out to Joe like you wouldn't believe. He must have noticed, 'cuz a while later I saw them making out in the backyard.
by Anomylous November 5, 2009
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In my teenage period (1950s) making out was 'going all the way.' Sometime since, making out has come to mean petting (groping, touching, fondling). The word petting seems to be vanishing in the 21st Century.
Before grandfather and grandmother married, they had sexual intercourse (fucked) in their teens but that sounded so harsh, so they called it making out.

Today, making out is just fooling around, groping, and touching, but not having intercourse.
by Richard Black April 16, 2005
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