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A sexually attractive female who is not exactly petite; possibly larger than you.

Term derives from deer-hunting terminology that refers to bagging a deer that is large and rife with edible meat (to be stored in the freezer) instead of having a trophy-sized rack.
Guy 1: Wow, look at that big chick over there! Not bad!
Guy 2: Yeah, that's a freezer filler right there.
by exitflagger May 02, 2008

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To shit in your pants. References the color of fecal matter and Fruit Of The Loom underwear.
He thought he was going to let out a little fart but he ended up browning his looms! He had to stop what he was doing, go straight home and wash all that horror out of his pants. Treacherous!

(variation of "brown your looms")
by exitflagger April 30, 2008

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Act of hanging one's penis out of one's open fly and walking through a room full of women, being sure to deny knowledge of what anyone is talking about when they notice it and react. Works most effectively while carrying a briefcase for some reason.
Get ready. Kerry's gonna do the crank pull!
by exitflagger April 29, 2008

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To smell something stinky or highly odorous. Originates from the practice of rating farts from 1 to 10.
(*sniff*) Aw, man... I got a ratin' over here! You farted didn't you, you nasty son of a bitch?
by exitflagger May 06, 2008

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Any situation where a person becomes unduly panicked and makes ill-advised decisions or movements as a result.
Guy 1: Gerald thought he saw his ex-girlfriend so he turned around to bolt and ran straight into a waitress and knocked her tray full of drinks all over the floor.
Guy 2: He had a wasp on the lapel.
Guy 1: Exactly.
by exitflagger May 01, 2008

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The act of checking out an attractive but highly unattainable female or females. Usually used in reference to prematurely developed underaged girls.
I couldn't stop taking in the scenery on Virgil's niece, man. You know good and well that y'all were doing some lookin' and thinkin' too. Don't even lie about it.
by exitflagger April 29, 2008

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Act of going to a less-than-desirable bar or club strictly because there may be a healthier ratio of available women there.
I'm getting a little bored here. We may have to go take a piercing over at The Station when we finish these beers.
by exitflagger April 25, 2008

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