That food was hittin'
by amar_bellamente August 20, 2015
"Are you hittin' it?" "We're gonna be hittin' it later"
by harmony March 7, 2004
To have sex or be involved in sexual contact, hittin also means to engage in sex.
by camstar July 17, 2006
I'm hittin it! *turns off lights*

That's it, I'm hittin it. *Leaves online match*
by CHETANA666 January 22, 2011
somebody whos look nice or attractive
Mann you see that female in that lil skirt?.. she hittin
by MissJess November 21, 2006
a baltimore trem for selling drugs
yo you just was hittin for them so sell this for me
by mani 1900 February 10, 2008