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Typically found still living in his mom's home in Jersey even at middle age, an utterly unaccomplished individual that derives his self-worth exclusively from sports teams in the New York/New Jersey area, and in particular the achievements of the New York Yankee baseball team.

See also: loser, wanker, gobshite
The yankee fan was seized with the panic of self-loathing when the Red Sox won the World Series as he realized that the Yankees had not won it all in many years.
by desmond November 23, 2004
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Similiar to the rusty trombone, but with a twist. Hum on the nads and finagle the stork.
Jasons girlfreind was going to preform the rusty trombone, but decided to play the hairy bagpipes instead.
by Desmond October 02, 2004
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to eat balls,testicle muncher.LOVES THE COCK
there is steve what a ball muncher!!
look at jesus over there what a ball muncher
by desmond July 22, 2003
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to masterbate
After I saw her naked, I ran home to smakledorff.
by Desmond January 23, 2004
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Techno Band that pokes fun at People like Brett Faber, Chris White, Desmond Mok (who has a small cock) and Your Mom.
Project END kicks Ass
by Desmond December 07, 2004
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One of ur close friends.
Stop talking shit about James! He's my dorfaswee!
by Desmond January 23, 2004
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When you fuck a 400 poun racist while she is shitting out chuncks on the crapper and eating a chile cheese steak.
Me and Kevin had a fatcarson in our car.
by Desmond March 21, 2003
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