to have infant dick syndrome. see also joe burton
that four year old has a small cock. his name is joe burton.
by Nathan Locke April 24, 2003
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1. To have an abnormally small penis.

2. A small male chicken.
"Wow, Sling has a small cock for a fatman."
by MF November 26, 2002
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Derogatory name of a man with a penis of below average girth. Applies no matter what length
(1st girl) "how was your date last night?"
(2nd girl) "Date with who?...Oh, Darren Small Cock. It was 'grrreat'... I didn't get much or orgasm until after he left ;)"
by tracyducy December 16, 2012
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loaded, sexually confused man with prepubescent genitalia. known to enjoy tranny porn, high heels, and popcorn. known to masturbate frequently on stranger's couches. favorite line is "but i'm straight" usually following a really bad gay i mean jay story.
I woke up to a small cocked Roach walking through my house last night!
by trannypornlover December 29, 2010
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When a man gains sexual pleasure from his small dick being criticized and degraded
Small cock humiliation really turns me on. Theres nothing more erotic than when someone tells me how inadequate my cock is.
by Zhennti October 12, 2018
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The engine in an overly large, loud, lifed truck. Typically driven by those who need to make up for defiency in their netherregions
"When the hunter started his truck, I could here that he had a chevy small-cock, his wife must be proud."
by chikenliver catkiller August 25, 2006
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