A sandwich made of very thinly sliced steak covered in melted cheese(american/whiz/provolone) served on a long hoagie/sub roll--usually with grilled onions. The cheese steak invented in the 1930's in Philadelphia by Pat Oliveri of the world famous Pat's Steaks located in South Philadelphia.
In the original movie, "Rocky" can be seen eating a cheese steak at Pats.
by Al D April 10, 2006
After spoting a fat chick on the dance floor. You and your friend walk up to her (one in the front and the other in the back). You both wrap your arms around her, and the both of you squeeze her while dancing with her.
fat Chick
Cheese Steak
by Slam-the-Man June 27, 2009
A vagina after sexual intercourse where Cheese Whiz has been used as lubricant.
We did some experimenting in the bedroom last night and she ended up with a Seattle Cheese Steak
by bestfuckever March 16, 2011
One of the best sub-foods in the U.S. A real Philly Steak is normally extremely greasy, it taste real good even if it may drip grease. Not like the dumbass definitions other people put. This sub, obviously, originates from Philidelphia.
I had the munchies yesterday, I munched the fuck out on a Philly Cheese Steak.
by ThatboiiKevinn June 19, 2009
The Only Place to get a cheesesteak worthy of the name is in philadelphia, The best are Geno's and Pat's wich are located in south Philly, a cheesesteak is a Amoroso hoagie roll with chip steak and either provolone, american, or cheese wiz, some people like fried onions or peppers but they are not included in a true cheesesteak. NOTE: the term "philly cheesesteak" usally means the cheesesteak is not a true cheesesteak, also cheesesteak has no hyphen between cheese and steak
ya'll honky muthafuckas dont know shit about cheesesteaks
by Fred January 4, 2005
A Peice of fried or barbequed boloney on a sandwich with an individually wrapped cheese slice.
Man "hey waht kind of sandwich you got there?"
Newfie " a Newfoundland cheese steak"
Man "what's that?"
Newfie "boloney and cheese"
by 1337 h4x sp34k February 27, 2009
put a girl on a swing. you push her and when she comes back you sneeze on her. you then wipe the snot all over her.
man i was at the park yesterday and this bitch was gettin on my nerves so i gave a flying cheese steak
by jkbh May 1, 2009