Houses for your feet.
Hey, where do your feet live?

In my shoes, what, you been chiefing?
by Kalljuian March 12, 2005
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A video on youtube featuring the comedian Liam Sullivan. Most people either hate or love it but it is definitely getting its five minutes of fame. Common catchphrases include betch and deck.
"'Shoes, ohmygod, shoes!'"
by Dominique S January 8, 2007
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Something you throw at Bush. Then he pretends to be calm and cool about the situation.
An Iraqi reporter takes off his shoe and throws it at Bush. Then proceeds to take off his other shoe to throw it at Bush again. Therefore throwing two shoes. The secret service failed at taking down this Iraqi reporter quickly.
by Melissa Makela January 9, 2009
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the rims/tires of a vehicle.
"click the shoes on that hummer!"
by K-dub-G January 6, 2003
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A word many coke dealers use incase they belive the phone is being tapped. Or if people are around
Aiyo can u grab me a pair of shoes for tonight?
by Rusty213 August 17, 2005
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1.) A code word for a nice pair of tits or breasts.

2.) Also things you wear on your feet.
1.) "Yo boo, you gots a nice pair of shoes on ya."

2.) "Yo, shorty girl. You got some bomb-ass titties. And your shoes are nice, too."
by Rojizzle Chin February 28, 2005
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Makes for a great code word for smoking weed in general polite conversation in public or via text for the more paranoid stoner.
Hey dude, Ive bought some more shoes they might "fit" you.
Usualy followed by a cheaky wink
by Seth Deegan September 7, 2004
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