some damn fool smartass sumbitch: probably a limey.
known to use
He ain't Herery the eighth, he ain't!
by desmond May 15, 2004
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-Kicker at the University of Nebraska from 2007-2011.

-Most accurate kicker in NCAA history.

-Should have won the Lou Groza award in 2010, but was snubbed and wasn't even named a finalist.

-Common phrases accompanied with Alex Henery's name:

"Henery's automatic"

"man Alex Henery's so clutch"

"Alex Henery is pure money"

-Basically the greatest kicker ever!
Radio Call: Wow, how 'bout this boys. Amazing. Hold your breathe here on this one. Henery on the year, 48 his long. Set it up and we'll be ready to go in a moment. Senior T.J. O'Leary to snap it, Senior Jake West to put it down, Alex Henery to try and put the Huskers in front with a 1:50 left in the game... The ball right on the N, the snap is down, the kick is up, the kick is.. on it's way.. the kick iiss.... GOOODDD!!! *crowd screaming* ohh hahao he makes it in there! 57 yards and a school record to put the Huskers up infront 33-31. This place is rockin and rollin right now as Alex Henery gives his Huskers a 2 point lead.. my goodness.
by hey_purplepumkineater90 March 20, 2011
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When you are on a brisk swim at a pool and have a sudden erge to send a hot turd to the surface of the water, resemebling a submarine
"hey check it out, that girls gonna swim right into my oh henery submarine"
by rightcoolguy May 11, 2005
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