dear melissa,
please be my girlfreind?
xoxo, bobby

dear bobby,
you are a dumb shit.
it's spelled girlfriend.
xoxo, melissa
by leigh! June 22, 2007
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1. A title that a female recieves after a guy asks her out
2.On a deeper level, teh female in a exclusive realtionship between a male and female, usually what comes before fiance
little boy 1:do you like that girl?

little boy 2: Yeah, I want her to be my girlfreind

little boy 1:then ask her out!

2.the wonderful girl that I have been dating for 2 years:val
by Snikkrrs May 2, 2005
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Anthonys girlfreind is kiara
Anthonys girlfreind is kiara bro
by llamakinng November 8, 2018
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noun: one who is far away in taiwan-- yet so close to the heart. one who is always willing to consider her boyfriend first. one who knows how to correct a man's spelling without hurting his feelings. one who is willing to take goggle photo to tease her man.
my perfect girlfreind told me the i is before e exept after c. (her edit. except* girlfriend*)
by navigation coordinator August 30, 2008
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The best girlfreind in the universe her name is Kylee she is so beautifal so cute so pretty so loyal and loves you so much and will do anything for you
Me:Yo did you meet my girl kylee
Freind:NO WAY your dating kylee?
Me:yes bro shes the Best girlfreind in the universe
by thisalliytwouldletmeuse' February 16, 2022
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december 3rd is national kiss your girlfreind day if you dont you suck
Evie:why havent you kissed me today?
Evie:its national kiss your girlfreind day
by that_1_music_guy November 30, 2022
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