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The Fountains of Cum. Where all the cum cums from. Ladies: love'em, tickle'em, lick'em but just don't squeeze'em!
Joey got kicked in the testicles, and now he only shoots blanks
by Hugh G Rection May 28, 2004
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A greek philosopher from 348 BCE, worked along Socrates.
His name is pronounced (pronounced Test-uh-cleez)
The greek philosopher Testicles was a genius among geniuses.
He discovered the toilet and urinary tract.
by Senor ballsington March 17, 2008
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Round objects dangling in a scrotum. Only men have testicles. Women love to kick, knee, squeeze, or otherwise abuse them. When struck, testicles cause extreme pain.
She kicked his testicles until he lay on the floor crying.
The best testicles are the ones that hang low and dangle.
by Watchguard April 03, 2004
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The symbol of manhood. They are what makes a man a man.
I am still a man as long as my testicles are dangling between my legs
by b-neners March 10, 2008
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The two round balls in the sack under the mans 'shaft'.
Terrance: Paul! Did you see that guys big round testicles

Paul: Yes i did Terrence, they were a beauty.
by CrattleCrie January 11, 2012
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A word you say when there is awkward silence in a room with three or more people.
by Sean Nollen September 07, 2006
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1. Two walnut-sized coils of tubing inside the scrotum containing the reproductive fluid of a male, semen.

2. An ancient greek hero.
1. I masturbated last night and emptied my testicles.

2. I heard that Testicles was even better than Hercules.
by Cockslanger January 11, 2004
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