Slang term for an late 19th century toilet fixture. During WWI soldiers oftern visited these toilets and called them crappers. The name originated from a popular seller of toilets. Thomas Crapper of England.
Thomas Crapper invented the modern toilet which is still in use today with few changes.

God damn i got to take a crap.
by Phillip July 28, 2005
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“Here comes the crapperrr! You better watch out for his craps!
by BaronTvirus June 9, 2019
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Named after the inventor of the modern toilet, Thomas Crapper of England
by lenny February 26, 2005
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British Navy slang for being incredibly drunk.
"I woke up with the Captain's wife this morning"
"You must have been completely Crappers last night"
by Satandog March 31, 2006
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An amazing automatic device that can let you take a crap anywhere you put it! Wow! How deluxe!
"Crap on, *clap clap* Crap off *clap clap* Crap on crap off, The Crapper!" New at StereoDustParticles, its The Crapper! Never worry about trying to take a crap in the woods again! Only $ and 99 cents at your nearest location. (Warning: Does not come with instructions on how to use. Figure it out yourself, ya lazy bastard.)
by Timmy73OnYoutube January 26, 2021
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Latin crappus - to study, or to drop

a. Place or room in which one or many written text (i.e. Jugs, Playboy, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Autoweek, etc.) are tediously studied by men

b. Place or room where sturdy brown logs are dropped in a porcelain container

c. A bad turn; something that has taken a turn for the worse
a. Alright! I think I'm going to read this in the crapper

b. Damn! I gotta drop a log! I'm going to the crapper.

c. Wow! This place has gone to the crapper!
by Webster June 10, 2004
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