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A Kevin, especially a second generation Kevin, is such a sweet and handsome man that everyone wants to get to know. He never fails to make you laugh. Kevin is always there when you need him and knows exactly what to say at the right time. No matter how stubborn you may be, a Kevin knows how to bring you back down to Earth. He is very calm and levelheaded. A Kevin can talk to you for hours and the conversation never gets old. He is a very good listener, who makes you see things in ways you would never dream of seeing otherwise. Kevin can be quite the head turner, but he is always loyal. He deeply cares about trust and it can be extremely hard to earn it back once it is gone. A Kevin loves passionately and once he has fallen for someone special, he would do anything and everything in his power to keep her. He always knows how to make you feel like the most beautiful and special girl in the world. There is never a dull moment with a Kevin.
Wow, Lo sure is lucky to have a guy like Kevin as the love of her life.
by lolodavis98 April 17, 2016
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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Kevin is basically the best boyfriend ever. He's understanding, caring, and a great listener. You can act like a five year old with him but also have heart to heart conversations. Kevin has his struggles but always puts other people first. He acts strong but has a tendency to break down and not ask for help. He has the best eyes and personality. He can always manage to make you smile. Kevin is the sweetest, funniest, most amazing guy you will ever meet. It is extraordinarily easy to fall in love with his cute, sweet, and incredible self.
Friend: My boyfriend is so amazing!
Other friend: He must be a Kevin!
by she-justtakessomegluetostay March 25, 2013
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An amazing guy who is so funny, and wonderful. Someone who can make you laugh no matter how sad you are. He's sweet, and kind-hearted. He can be sarcastic, but he gets that from me. He gets scared of non-scary things. His smile is adorable and his laugh is too. He has hair that is really soft, like impossibly soft. He is the best friend a girl could have. He is the kind of guy you can tell anything to, well almost everything. You can just text him for hours on end with out the conversation getting boring, or awkward. He is the life of the party, but when the party is over, he is actually pretty shy. He always cracks a joke when we need it most. He is perfect best-friend material, so if you meet anyone named Kevin, immediately ask him to be your friend. Trust me, it'll be worth it.
"Hey who's the new kid?"
"Oh, that's Kevin."
"I dare you to ask him to be our friend!"
by I'm-the-dictionary January 27, 2014
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Extremely hot,has a huge dick.Kevin likes a girl but can't express his feelings to her.Also a pussy licker
Kevin hurry she's waiting.
by Chelsea153 March 16, 2017
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A very handsome fellow that is quite charming yet full of himself. He walks around like hes the shit when in fact, he is the shit. Hes actually sweet (sometimes) funny and intelligent and remembers literally all the lyrics to like every song. Kevin has quite the spectacular music taste and kevin also knows how to significantly change ones mood and make it better. Kevin also has nice eyes that you may find yourself staring into and you may find yourself falling for a kevin. Kevin is also a goofball its almost impossible to stay mad at him because of his clownlike ways. Kevin is also a nerd.
by Olibon November 23, 2016
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Kevin is so amazing like you need him in your life he is so hilarious and so cute I can’t explain it if you don’t know a Kevin get to know one
Random person “hey who is that”
Me “ that is the most amazing person you will ever meet I mean he is Kevin
by Izzy3108 March 04, 2020
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