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After the legendary musician Eric Clapton. A stud that makes magic with his hands and mouth when with a woman. A true Clapton can make a snobby, stuck-up woman turn into warm butter in mere seconds.
I'm playing hardball tonight, competing against that Clapton over for that woman up at the bar.
by busterboner August 28, 2009

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a slang term for a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) over the limit of 0.08 (in most states) or higher-blood alcohol content by breath-a-lyzer machine and/or a failed field sobriety (coordination) test administered by the police officer pulling over a suspect.
dude, come bail me out of jail because I got busted with a duey coming home from the rock concert!
by busterboner November 02, 2010

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A common syndrome of especially any adult parents when they hear disturbing news about someone not just convicted, but even accused of molestation, neglect or abuse of a young person-they lose all faith in religion, the judicial system and give an almost equally disturbing graphic description of (if they could) what they would like to do to the usually man accused; ex. castrate with no anesthetic, disembowel, severly maim, etc. then let them face life incarceration or execution by law.
Did your mom forget her Xanax today or does she always have such an acute case of pedorile? When that story came on the news about that guy accused of fondling somebody underage at the county fair, she screamed curses at, then smashed the TV on the floor.
by busterboner April 06, 2010

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a MSNBC Dateline show where host Chris Hansen, a team of decoys disguised as underage youth, a hidden camera crew and law enforcement personnel. They have an elaborate scheme bordering on entrapment where they set out to reel in perverted adult men trying to hook up online, then in person with underage youth.
That guy last night on "to catch a pervert" really started crying when they tackled and handcuffed him. Hansen, the crew, and the cops were lovin' it! They know he's gonna get pounded every day for 20 years by his cell mates. I don't mean just beat down-he's gonna have a sore butt.
by busterboner August 30, 2009

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just as the word indicates-sweat congregating on the rear end pants/skirt seat of a person. It comes from different ways, heat/humidity, obesity, sitting, working out, sex-but is usually only somewhat attractive when a person with a toned body dances so vigorously they get it over the course of an evening of partying.
Sue and Dan have strut their stuff so much tonight on the dance floor, that they both have earned a place in the sweaty booty hall of fame. Their riding home in your car later.
by busterboner October 12, 2009

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a woman that is so attractive, she makes you suddenly jam your dick into the front of your pants.
That babe that just walked by is such a "bent willy", I'd like to stuff that stuff soon, man!
by busterboner August 28, 2009

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when a mentally challenged person gets abnormally enraged.
Similar to tard rage or going psycho or mental.
Otis pulled a tard attack and started kicking and screaming when he was asked to leave the store by the manager.
by busterboner August 28, 2009

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