to perform an action in stand-out fashion; to deliver lyrics or statements with notable passion, energy or aggression.
I went in on that girl; she was scratching my back like she ws digging for gold
by JJ-OR May 11, 2011
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Another word for dating. Used by parents of the baby boomer generation.
Leo went with Ethel, until he found Barb.
by houseofmill March 4, 2014
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Sometimes used in place of said. Hopefully dying out.
"And so I went, 'You'll never get this thing running,' and he went, 'Then I'll push it off a cliff.'"
by Poggy January 12, 2006
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having a small cock
I have a average wenteds
by long dong siliver November 6, 2017
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to come, or be pleasured.
"i am sitting here naked"

"oh god, i just went"
by Eashmuch. August 19, 2007
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n: an amalgam of the words "weed" and "rent."
Enough of this roaching... time to pay the went.
by bsmechanic May 21, 2011
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