A great man with secrets even he doesn't know. Always sticks up for his friends and trustful to everyone he's met. Careful, he can be dangerous of how powerful he is (he doesn't realize it sometimes) and makes sure that everything is according to plan. If you're backed into a corner, you want him on your side. Resourceful, strong, and ready for any new challenges coming his way.
"Almost go mugged last night, Darrel kicked them to the curb, though."
by TheMeteorBoy April 4, 2018
A name that is almost always mistaken for another spelling. Darrel is often mispelled as "Darrell", "DaRel", "Daryl",
"Darryl", "Darel", "Darryll", etc. People who have been bestowed with this name are often prone to being majorly pissed off at this constant misunderstanding.
"Hey Darrell! How are you?"

by DaRealMan February 21, 2009
usually a very tall red neck main hoe, with glasses. He is not the type to be athletic but is in to music. He has a pepperoni face, but sometime can be cute, and ugly and the same time! Sure hes nerdy but he can sure make a joke! And all he wears are hoodies.
Look at Darrel hes like, a million feet tall!
by LaMO gAnG March 31, 2020
Darrel is someone who is dearly loved. It also refers to darling. It means the person is polite, calm and generous. He may get anxious over small thinks but eventually overcomes it. Always hopes for the best.
by Lerrad January 10, 2018
Code for marijuana. Comes from "Dimebag" Darrel from the metal band Pantera (r.i.p.). Makes a great code because it can be used in lots of different ways.
Matt: Yeah, i'm gonna hang out with Darrel when I get home.
Adam: Sounds good dude.
by Kronikles October 8, 2009
The kinda guy who makes mistakes like asking out a girl 6 times in 1 hour He has the brain capacity of a graham cracker, And His catchphrase is "shut up bitch"
Person 1: That dude was a total Darrel
Person 2: What do you mean?
Person 1: its a way to call someone a scumbag.
by RICKIRICKI September 3, 2019
The OG gangsta legend bari sax player . An official member of da boys .
by SoyBoy69 June 13, 2019