1.To get caught, to get an item caught on something

2. Past tence of the word "snag", to steal or grab something.
1. "The fishing hook was snagged on my shirt." "I was snagged by the po po last week."

2. "Yo, I snagged your CD for the party last night."
by meh. June 18, 2004
To catch someone attempting a sly but ill-advised maneuver right in the middle of the offense, resulting in that person getting thoroughly humiliated.
A: "That guy just ran a red light right in front of a police car."
B: "Ooh! Snagged!"
by Loogaroo November 28, 2005
To be made a fool of; To make a fool of; To confound or prove wrong; embarrasing someone: Being embarrased.

Same meaning as getting played.
Lucy "why don't u shut up. & relax yourself"
Timmy "danG, What the fuck man, All i saying man, wuheva."
John "LoL, you just got SNAGGED"
by Vicious 2-40 March 19, 2008
Among Native Americans, a common term for hooking up.
We found Richie and Janet snagging in the back of his pickup outside the bar last night.
by Peugeotjoker September 15, 2006
a native slag for a person you link up with from a powwow, and do sexual stuff, BUT YOU LEAVE THEM AFTER & IGNORE THEM!! So it’s basically a NATIVE one night stand
•damn she snagged all them boys
•might snag tonight how about you
•she looked real snaggable tonight at the powwow
by lookin_real_snaggable May 28, 2019
"Buy a few snags and we'll have a beer and a BBQ."
by Diego September 4, 2003
v. Native American slang for sex/hooking up; to win over for sex.
"Why don't you go snag with them girls over there?"

"I wanna get drunk and go snag all over tonight."
by Tibbs420 December 7, 2007