The greatest British blues guitarist to ever walk this earth
see also EC
by WistfulThinker March 31, 2004
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Eric Clapton was born in Surrey, England, 30 March 1945. One of the finest blues guitarists of his generation. Played awesome guitar with The Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (possibly some of his greatest work), and Cream. Other bands included the short-lived Blind Faith and Derek and The Dominos, before going solo with great success. Clapton's nicknames are "Slowhand", and even "God". Is a great player, but "greatest on the planet"? I dunno, he may not even be the greatest in Surrey (Jeff Beck grew up not too far from Clapton). Anyway, its debatable, but who wants to talk about music when you can be enjoying it instead?
1. Eric Clapton is a great guitar player, but what on earth does Roger Waters (also a great artist in his own right) have to do with anything?

2. Buddy Guy doesnt believe that you HAVE to be black to play the blues, neither did BB, Freddie and Albert, or Muddy Waters, so who the hell am I to argue with them?
by Malicious Matt September 12, 2005
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One of the greastest guitarists of all time, it was he who changed the guitar sound forever in 1966 when he was with John Maryall's Bluesbreakers album. Giving him the lable "God". He worked with John after leaving the Yardbirds who went into a pop direction while Eric stuck with his blues, launching his career in Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, his solo work, and worked with numerous artist. In 1967 Jimi Hendrix stole the spot light from him.

By the way, what's with this crap on Roger Waters? He's a freaking bass player! They are both good at what they do.
Download Layla by Derek and the Dominos
by Jimmy March 8, 2005
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Eric Clapton was labeled "God" by the British after his playing with John Mayall in 1966. If you do a google on "Clapton is God" you might find a picture of the famous wall with the graffiti "Clapton is God" spray painted on it. For those not familiar with Clapton, he is NOT just the guy that did Tears in Heaven. Many years before that he was known as one of the best blues guitarist in england and the greatest (some Hendrix fans would argue this point) rock guitarist of his generation. With John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, he played a reverent form of music, the blues, and did it with incredible emotion and facility. And I have nothing against Roger Waters, but in terms of the depth and breadth of their total bodies of work, he does not measure up (i do not consider co writing some songs with Pink Floyd and churning out maybe two decent solo albums in the last 30 years the stuff legends are made of)
What the fuck are you smoking to think that a pretentious art-fag like Roger Waters can even compare to GOD!!!
by BannedFromUtopia April 3, 2004
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Generally considered one of the greatest guitarists who ever walked the earth, and perhaps the greatest blues musician ever NOT born in America. For many years Clapton's work has been universally lauded by musicians and music fans as some of the best of its kind. Though as younger audiences have recently taken to denigrating his musicianship, they'd do well to note that the popular assessment of him is based mostly on the following:

1. His work with Derek and the Dominos
2. The Bluesbreakers
3. Cream
4. All his live performances
5. All other studio works (Blind Faith, The Yardbirds From the Cradle, ect.)

We'd probably all be saying Eric was the best guitarist ever if not for you-know-who.
"Wow, that Eric Clapton sure can play guitar. Too bad he's a complete sellout after the cellphone commercial."

"Yeah, I'll stick with Steve Vai. He might be tasteless and showy, but he doesn't prostitute himself. Not that anyone would pay to have sex with him, as he looks like a goblin, but you know."
by Ferdinandoftheblews March 12, 2010
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a term used to refer to a vaginal STD
freind.1 I was realy itchy down their

freind.2 So what did you do?

freind .1 I went to the doctor and he said I had an Eric Clapton

freind .2 well that sucks

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by plokijuhygtfrdeswaq November 6, 2009
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