Demonic, Crazy, Very PIssed off, Full of Anger
--Im Enraged With School
--That guy is so Enraged, he is growing horns
--Im enraged Just because i can
by John Selbe:-) October 6, 2003
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Any show of extreme emotion.

Ex., Sadness, Happy, Anger, etc.
1. a."Look she's crying"

2. a."I'm getting an (insert current fad object) YAY!"
b."Stop being enraged."

3. a."I HATE YOU."
b."Enrage less?"
by Mr. Salix February 17, 2006
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There was an enrageous amount food at the party.
by kk2653 September 6, 2023
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veL-eN^RaGe enraged veL-Dashex when he owned his ass on ut2k4
by Peter January 5, 2005
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An Enragement Child is a child born out of hatesex with a significant other. Usually, this child is an accident, but not always. This word originated from the fangame 'Five Nights at Fuckboys'.
Freddy Fazbear: (To Balloon Boy) "Inhale my Dong, Enragement Child".
by UltramanVectis April 9, 2015
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To anger someone/something in order to get undivided attention.
You have to piss him off before you get any reaction out of him. "If enraged, It's engaged" was coined just for people like that!
by talk2me-JCH2 January 30, 2021
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No one is quite sure what exactly an enragement child is, but we sure as hell want to start using this phrase as soon as possible.
From gaming parody "Five Nights at Fuckboy's."
by Turtlelord April 4, 2015
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