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playing any kind of game, including real life, in the toughest possible way but without breaking the law
the lawyer on the other side played hardball shocking everyone who expected some common decency
by bartokky May 23, 2009
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An outdoor sport similar in nature to airsoft or paintball, but using high-powered air guns and steel or lead projectiles. Originated in Russia, it's a more realistic, more painful and less forgiving version of the two above. All players are required to cover all parts of their bodies with suitable clothes to prevent skin penetration. The participants claim that on an average shot per shot basis, it doesn't hurt more than paintball.

As the guns used to play this sport are very widely available, and as very few, and only expensive air guns have full auto, the sport is relatively cheap to play. The durability of the guns is much higher than that of airsoft toys and the realism, due to range, is also much greater.
Let's play hardball
by archont September 03, 2008
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To have Hard Balls , these can be hard as a rock or just harder than usual, usually when in the cold.

It can also refer to someone who does not feel the pain of being hit in the balls, they may have no feeling , or can just tough it out.
Jack - "God I went to the pool and came out with hard balls"

Blake - " I know what You Mean"


Jack - "Jeez, that guy didn't even flinch"

Blake - " Must have Hard Balls"
by Le onion November 16, 2015
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What people say they'll play when they want to sound tough.
Kidnapper: Where'smthe money?!
Captive: I'll never tell!
Kidnapper: Fine. I'll just have to play hardball.
by upolka August 06, 2012
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A book of questionable sexual orientation written by a man who's sexual orientation is under even more scrutiny.

A book that, if read, will make the reader comb his or her hair to the side, start wearing tight pants and begin becoming obese. Much like Chris Matthews.
Dear god, not only do we have to read this poor excuse for toilet paper (Hardball), but write an essay on it, over the summer?
by HatreDofGovERNment August 11, 2009
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