After the legendary musician Eric Clapton. A stud that makes magic with his hands and mouth when with a woman. A true Clapton can make a snobby, stuck-up woman turn into warm butter in mere seconds.
I'm playing hardball tonight, competing against that Clapton over for that woman up at the bar.
by busterboner August 28, 2009
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Bowing and praising the one and only God Clapton. All Claptonists(people who bow to Clapton) must know most of the songs that mede Clapton famous such as Cocaine, Layla, Crossroads and so on. Claptonist must also praise the perfect god-like guitar known simply as the Fender Stratocaster and anything that is Fender. In the end Clapton will show us the right path when we have to choose in the "crossroad".
"Mom I am gonna go practice Claptonism with my friends because we heard clapton pay and we wanna be his slaves"
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to be an ultimate badass at something. to be amazingly good at what you do.
Oh yeah, he's like the Clapton of TV repair.
by Baron Crane July 2, 2006
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The Religion of those who recognize Eric Clapton as a God
I just converted to Claptonism .
by Claptonist March 5, 2009
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v. the action of having an excessively high opinion of one's self or ability that no one else could help to improve it. the term usually applies to guitar players with extremely large egos.

see also: bono it, warhol it, kanye west it, mel gibson it, oprah it
"Hey guys, don't even bother trying to help me out on this song. I think it would just sound better if I just play guitar on the whole album."

"Might as well just clapton it."
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The greatest British blues guitarist to ever walk this earth
see also EC
by WistfulThinker March 31, 2004
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