A colored beverage resembling mainstream cola brands. Enjoyed in the southern regions of the USA by afro-american persons, especially during get-togethers such as family picnics and Juneteenth. Popular flavor is Red!
Peter: "Guys, what would you like to drink?"
Harry: "A Coca-Cola, please."
John: "I'd like a Sprite."
Latorie: "Dawg, gimme sum dat soda water."
by Treasures May 28, 2005
When a cheap bastard or "badass" kid orders a free water and fills it up with soda in a fast food restaurant. Also a sick song by Attila.
"Bitch at mcdonalds just saw me put soda in the water cup."

"Omg I'm rank 2 badass cuz I put soda in the water cup!!!"

"Dude I just listened to soda in the water cup. Sickest shit ever. Fronz is a beast."
by Sparrow136 July 17, 2014
A phrase to describe something cool.
Example: “Wow I just did a 360 no-scope, that’s Schweppes Soda Water.”
by Pinchwig July 25, 2022