horny; sexually exciting and/or explicit.
That was a very raunchy movie.
by El Bichote April 24, 2003
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1. disgusting, nasty

2. lewd, obscene, vulgar
That place was so raunchy I felt like I was going to puke.
by Light Joker December 5, 2005
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Raunchy can be used as a noun, verb, and adjective. If it is being used as a noun, you are referring to some one as a raucher: meaning they are dirty in a sexual way or have a dirty mind. If it is being used as a verb, it is being used in the sense as "to raunch" meaning to walk or move in a sexually dirty way or to creep up on someone to seduce them. If raunchy is being used as an adjective you are describing someone or something as sexual or dirty. You can also describe an action as raunchy, but also by saying someone is doing something raunchily.
1. "Why did you bend over and lift those weights that way? You are such a dirty rauncher!"
2. That girl tried to moan and raunch over on the other girl to turn her on.
3. That girl just licked ketchup off of that other girls leg! That was so raunchy.
4. The girl raunchily licked her lips and then licked the hula girl.
by Coffee Bean Pop Tart June 24, 2011
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distasteful, obscene, and or just plain gross
"The man" has been adding hella raunchy crap to this website.
by Yen Le and Katie December 16, 1999
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