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verb- to make something or someone sexy.
Wearing a formal uniform will sexify a man.

"You need a makeover. Try an Army uniform to sexify your look."
by Anna "Mags" Tasker May 01, 2008
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1. The Act of getting Sexy.
2. The process of getting ready to impress the ladies.
"I will be right back, I have to go sexify myself for this evening."
by Brian March 28, 2005
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1. To sexually Satisfy a person, place or thing.
2. To sexually Testify to something
3. To Sex somehting up
1. I sexified you all long last night.
2. I sexify to the charges in question
3. I'm gonna sexify my ride.
by Jordan December 07, 2004
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1) Act of self-satisfaction that may or may not involve sexual activity with a second person.

2) Incorporating knowledge from a SHAPE presentation to make yourself look and feel sexy in a socially, physically and emotionally responsible way.
Milly is going to sexify her study time with a little r & r.
by SHAPEpeers June 28, 2012
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1. Sexify sex-uh-fie (verb): To completely satisfy someone sexually, usually through extended foreplay and creative physical stimulations.

2. Sexify sex-eh-fie (verb): To enhance one's own innate sexiness in attempts to get laid, or for self-esteem boosts.
1. You're so hot baby, I can't wait to sexify you allllllll night long.

2. After a long day of workin' I'm gonna go sexify myself and then hit the clubs.
by Masturmind February 19, 2011
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