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(a) Noun. American, also used in some British dialects. Trousers, a bifurcated outer garment covering the body and each leg from waist to ankle. Until the late 20th century traditionally a male garment.

(b) Noun. British. Underpants.

(c) Verb. American. To pull down someone's pants (trousers). Can be done to either males or females by either males or females. See also depants

(d) Verb. American. To overpower someone and remove his trousers by force as a humiliation. Equivalent to the British debag. Usually only done to males as removal of the pants, the traditional male garment, is a symbolic emasculation. Pantsing in this sense may be used as an initiation rite, a punishment, or just done for fun. See also depants

(e) Verb. American. Strip someone naked.

(f) Verb. American. Inflict a crushing defeat on someone.

(g) Verb. American. To inflict crushing criticism on someone.

(h) Adjective. British. Rubbish
(a) Girls are not permitted to wear pants at this school.

(b) He had nothing on but his pants and socks.

(c) While I was talking to some girls my so-called friend came up behind me and pantsed me.

(d) We grabbed him, took him behind the bushes and held him down while the girls pantsed him.

(e) We pantsed him, got all his clothes off.

(f) Our team got pantsed again.

(g) Don't make silly comments in an Internet discussion group or you will be publicly pantsed.

(h) Your opinion is pants.
by Simon Knuckleweed January 29, 2004
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adjective. British slang. Not good; total crap; nonsense; rubbish; bad
"The first half of the movie was pants but I stayed until the end and it was actually a great film."
by jodelicious August 09, 2004
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This word can have two meanings if you are from the UK. It either means

1. The British word for panties, underpants, etc
2. Rubbish, bad
1. "I bought some new pants and a matching bra."
2. "This film is pants!"
by MissLady August 09, 2004
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Not good, not up to the task, not true. Originally a UK schoolboy slang expression: "a pile of pants", presumably the equivalent of dirty, smelly washing. Later spread to adults and abreviated.
"It doesn't work. It's just a pile of pants!" or "I don't like that group. Their music is pants" cf "balsa" and "a piece of balsa".
by R. Clayton Jr November 29, 2005
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A piece of clothing that covers up the ass leg's and crotch
Brandon : Wow Kiersten you have such a nice ass!
Kiersten : Thanks would you like to touch it?
Brandon : Uh Yeah! But your Pant's seem to be covering it up!
Kiersten : Oh silly me let me take them off!
Brandon : Mmmmm! Your ass is so firm!
Kiersten : Thanks I work out!
Brandon : And you have a nice pussy as well!
Kiersten : Would you like to touch it?
Brandon : Uh Yeah! But your thong is covering it up!
Kiersten : Oh Brandon let me take it off!
Kiersten : Oh wow I made Brandon cum in his Pant's!
Kaylee : Kiersten put your Pant's back on!
by SlopNChop January 11, 2018
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those things covering your lower extremities, that are always chafing and uncomfortable. It's probably best to remove them.
Dude, these pants are constricting! Good thing it's Pantsless Day in the office! Freedom for the pasty flesh!
by ranger bill May 20, 2008
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