(noun): The only place you can take pictures of your hot teenage cousin when she's wearing almost nothing at all, in full view of your family and hers, and not have to worry about getting clobbered for doing so.
Teen boy: Hey, cuz, how 'bout a shot of you in that bikini?
Teen girl: What, are you crazy? Some kind of perv?
Teen boy: How about at the beach, then? A shot of you sitting in the surf!
Teen girl: OK, let's go!
by Vermont Ferret March 16, 2005
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- Oh man, lets go to the beach and meet some girls.
- Ok, there are always hot girls in bikini in the beach
by ^Sparco^ March 6, 2005
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Laying low while on company time. Avoiding work.
I've been spending some serious time at the beach lately - hope the boss doesn't catch on.
by beach girl January 11, 2008
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the place where you go and forget what day of the week it is. you visit the beach only in the summer because that’s when you get tan and have endless long nights. your days at the beach consist of waking up, going on a bike ride, going to the beach, coming home with new tan lines and sandy hair then going to bed and repeating this process. it is the only place you can take and outside shower and have bonfires without getting tired of it. once you go to the beach, you will never want to go back to reality.
Hey, let’s go on vacation!
Where to?
Dude, the beach... where else?
by beachforlife November 28, 2017
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a verb; meaning to do "EVERYTHING BUT" with someone. has developed from people carrying out this practice on holiday, on beaches. particularly with people whose names are unknown. the sand also makes it interesting.
girl one: so what did you do when you went to tenerife ?
girl two: i beached
girl one: niiiice
by mrs martin December 31, 2010
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The beach is possibly the most reliable place for picking up chicks and guys.

All kinds of people are there, from hot 15yr old girls in bikinis to 50yr old men in self denial.

Whether you're looking for serious love or a quick fuck in the boat shed, the beach is the place to look.

Oh, it's also the nearly official word for where the ocean meets the land.
Guys: "Let's go to the beach and get some pussy."

Girls: "Let's go to the beach and get some stud."

Everyone: "Let's go to the beach and laugh at fat men and women, then get some pussy/stud."
by Shadow XII November 27, 2005
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