An idiot; one who seems to have shit instead of brains, thus severely limiting their thought capacity.
Hey shit-for-brains, you fucked up again didn't you?
by progamer124 January 19, 2003
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Shit for brains actually come from the custom of Latvians who, at one time, used fecal matter to stuff a dead bodies crainial orifices before burial. This was an inexpensive method of getting rid of a lot of shit and saving a few bucks.
However, during WW2 GI Joes serving in Europe misunderstood the references and took it to mean an insult.
They began using the saying at home in the USA
Hey Gustov, you got shitska for brainskis? Please to be passing some over, I need for Uncle Batinov's funeral.
SHITSKA FOR BRAINSKIS translated: shit-for-brains.
by DEPTHCHRGR August 31, 2006
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Stupidity; idiocy; etc. A person who has "shit for brains" behaves stupidly. "Shit for brains" refers to brainlessness.
Gee, Jim, you are one stupid ass; you must have shit for brains!
by RC59 September 4, 2013
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A phrase used to express how excited or mind-blown or confused you are feeling.
Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That Inception movie was sooooo good.
Smitty: OMG, I had to watch it three times... I shit a brain the first time.

Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That movie Memento was sooooo crazy.
Smitty: OMG, I had to watch it six times... I shit a brain the first five times.

Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That movie Requiem for a Dream was sooooo intense.
Smitty: Uh... I actually had a seizure during that one. I shit my pants.
Snooter: For reals? Oh... my... gawd.
Smitty: yeah... flopped around for... well... through the rest of the movie, actually. My cat just watched me... he didn't call 911 or help out... so... I missed most of that movie. Not a big fan...
by PDXJohnny99 April 29, 2013
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1. Stupid. Careless.

2. A person evincing these characteristics.
1. "What a shit for brains thing to do."

2. "That shit for brains Bob left the oven on when he left for Jamaica."
by Famous Mortimer January 24, 2003
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It means that someone is extremely stupid that they don't have a functional brain, instead they have shit (meaning nothing) where their brain is supposed to be.
Person # 1: Where the hell is Ray?
Person # 2: I don't know, I don't think he's coming tonight.
Person # 1: He's such a fucking idiot, he's ruining it for me too, I swear he has shit for brains!"
by LILR1 July 23, 2008
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A serious medical condition where fecal matter has replaced brain matter. Dangerous, but with low mortality rate.

Symptoms: Verbal diarrhea, poor decision making skills and acne.

Cure: There is no known cure, recommend quarantine from general populace.
Exhibit A: George W Bush - Ran up a big bill, couldn't find a WMD or Osama in 2 terms.
Exhibit B: Everyone who voted for him.
Exhibit C: Most politicians.

Usage: Your alcoholic dad has shit for brains, you are a credit to the family.
by Bushwhacked June 25, 2011
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