A device attached to the human body, designed for finding furniture in the dark.
*stumbling around the dark*

beep beep beep

by GrazerMagic April 19, 2011
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Something my older professors need to stop been so interested in.
Girl1: *wears skirt slightly above the knee*
Boy1: *no consideration for Girl1’s knees*
Professor: Girl1, your skirt’s too high!
Girl1: Nobody seems to care about that other than you!
Girl2: Fucking creep.
by limeboiz January 4, 2021
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the shorter way of saying on your knees (telling someone to get down on their knees and suck your dick)
said like this: knees bitch! now!
by Dirty Ed April 7, 2005
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body part between both legs. no its not pussy asshole!
Teacher: what do you call the thing between both your legs.
Jhonny : d*ck
teacher: good!

Teacher: what do you call the thing between both your legs.
jack : knees
teacher: thats an old one kid!
by gr33day April 9, 2008
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The part of the leg that hurts like a bitch when it rains.
My knees are killing me.
by Srah January 20, 2005
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A rarely used slang term for breasts.
Those are some really nice /knees/.
by Roberty October 24, 2007
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This is a name that was given to my friend who is younger than me but has horrible knees. I mean, this guy has it bad, he is worse than an old man already.
We are gonna play basketball later, call up knees and see if he wants to play.
by bakedfosho April 22, 2004
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