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Alan is very lovable he tends to show Alot of affection and has to many ways to say I love you with his eyes. He hugs great and when he touches you, you feel chills run down your spine. Has incredible facial features. Hair is amazing just to look at if you touch it you would die from softness. If he pulls you then you are lucky because he doesn't
"He pulled four hoes last night"
"He tapped my girl"

Alan is a goddess of love.
by Hhjkl June 27, 2016
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Loyal, charming, handsome, smart, strong..just to name a few attributes..will never let you down and takes care of you like no other. Makes you feel like you are the only girl In the world that matters..can melt you with his smile alone and he's hilarious. Life of the party!
Alan is here, let the partea begin!
by Kimmy87 April 05, 2016
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A very sweet and sensitive boy. He is easily misunderstood and acts like a "concrete block" but is truly a softie on the inside. He is passionate and fiercely loyal and protective to those he loves. If you are lucky enough to be loved by an Alan, he will be devoted and will go through any length to make you smile. He is always down to eat trash food at ridiculous hours of the night and he makes you feel like you are the most special girl in the universe. He is selfless, thoughtful, kind and is very funny. He is extremely cute and gives great hugs and cuddles. His presence is calming and loving. There is no one on this earth as special as him.
Leslie: Alan always makes me feel loved and cared for
everyone else: Dang, you're so lucky
by Lala Augustus October 22, 2018
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2. Alan

cool, charming, suave, awesome with the women. a real tough guy. the second definition of alan.
I just played some baseball, and really had an Alan time out there, and was just being a winner.

When you go into the club, just alan it. Be like him. Be cool, act cool, be cool.

Synonyms: tough guy, smart, brilliant, charming, awesome, cool, badass, the king, high and mighty, the chaffeur,the connoisseur, the pimp

Antonyms: anti-cool, loner, misogynistic, pervert, perv, wimp

Related words: tough, cool, wise, charming, the bruiser, the enforcer

Misspellings: allen, allan, allon, alon, alen, elan, alun
by BC Awesome March 23, 2009
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The best guy you will ever meet... He is charming.. Romantic.. Caring.. You will instantly fall inlove with him. Alan will always have the most amazing voice that gives you more and more goosebumps with every word he utters... If you are with an Alan, you are the luckiest girl in the world!!! He will treat you like a queen.
I want a real man like Alan
His voice gave me butterflies
Sav is so lucky to have him!!!
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by . X_L@ux_X. November 17, 2018
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a really super fantastic guy.
not much I can say about him because he's just so amazing,
My Alan is amazing
Look there's my boyfriend!
Omg he's THE Alan?
by Mel<3'sHerAlan July 18, 2009
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A really cute, sweet and sensitive guy, with a big heart. He can see through people's flaw's and would never hurt anybody. Charming, gorgeous, polite and funny, he will always be there for you<3
"Hey Alan"
"Hiya Hannah"
"How are you?"
"I'm alright, thanks, how are you?"
"I'm alright I suppose"
"What's wrong?"
^Always wants to help make things better<3
by spannaahh October 24, 2011
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