The phrase has to do with reliability. You can wager money on what will happen, and if you have inside information and you're 100% certain your bet is right, then your pay-off is assured; you might as well call it "money in the bank."

You can also use the phrase to describe someone who is very consistent in their behavior, because if you bet on him or her, you know you'll win. It's usually used in a positive sense to describe someone who always delivers and brings joy or victory. A synonymous phrase would be "reliably good."

The slang use of the term "money," as in "you are so money right now" is presumably derived from "money in the bank." It means not just excellence, but excellence demonstrated on repeated occasions, establishing a pattern of reliability. It can be used to compliment someone for just one instance of excellence, but it still implies that this one instance reflects on the excellence of the person's larger character, that they would be expected to be excellent again.

Yankee fan 1: Do you think Mariano can close this thing out?

Yankee fan 2: Are you kidding? He hasn't allowed an earned run in 2 years. Money in the bank, baby.

Indians fan (weeping): I am holier than thou in my suffering.

Yankee fan 1: Sorry, I couldn't hear you, Indians fan. The wheel of my victory chariot must have been lodged in your windpipe.

by redhen April 27, 2007
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Used to express generally positive feelings or outcomes (1). Can also be used to praise, and commend (2).

Precise background and history not known, though it is frequently paired with other ghetto terms such as platinum (3). From this, it can be inferred that this term
1. "I won the lottery! Money in the bank!"

2. "You railed her ass and she didn't complain? Money in the bank!"
by Catsby June 5, 2004
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when a man sneaks up on another man and places his testicles somewhere on his bare skin. At this point he says, "Money in the bank, shorty what you drank."

"When I was trying to watch Beverly Hills Cop II my son of a bitch friend snuck up behind the couch and money in the banked me on my shoulder."
by ATMJess May 27, 2007
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snot in your nose
d-"hey girl, do i have any money in the bank?"
m-"yeah, make a withdrawl"

by voldemortsxnipple August 3, 2008
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A general feeling of security. Having something to rely on. Of breathing room or freedom from worries.
When the gas in my tank, feels like money in the bank..Gonna blow it all this time. Take me one last ride.
by uberdoober February 29, 2012
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1. To get a lot of phone numbers.

2. To be on serious picking-up game.
I am getting so many numbers tonight, it is like money in the bank, bitch!
by Real Walsh May 1, 2007
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