Awesome or strong, as in physcical power. Also - great, cool, or sexy.
"He's diesel."
"She's diesel."
"Its diesel."
by Randy Roberts January 10, 2003
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Definition #1- Heroin
Definition #2- Big, Muscular, usually someone with alot of muscles.
On my block we pump diesel, sell packs, and pitch crack

My father is so diesel, he makes a tanktop look like a bra
by Race908 August 31, 2006
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Diesel is not car fuel and oil mixed together, it's not a type of "gas," it is a lower-grade petroleum distillate used in DIESEL ENGINES which has a much higher flashpoint and whose fumes are non-explosive as opposed to gasoline's. Diesel engines use "compression-ignition" (the heat of highly compressed air in the combustion chamber) to ignite a very fine mist of diesel fuel. Used in heavy-duty trucks, generators, pumps, etc. for their higher specific torque (vs. gasoline) and greater fuel efficiency. Modern diesels are very clean, efficient, smooth, and quieter.
My Ford/Chevy/Dodge truck has a diesel engine which runs on diesel fuel. Neato!
by Hammond B-3 October 31, 2003
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Paco and I purchased some potent diesel today.
by flaco August 27, 2002
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I went to Camden last night to get some diesel.
by gangstaaaaaaaaaaa October 2, 2008
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Budweiser beer (especially in a 24oz. can).
outside QuickTrip, the interior of a 1989 Ford Probe...

Christian: You want something to drink?

Grant: Can of Diesel.

Christian: A 2 by 4?

Grant: That's what I said.
by Edapoe March 6, 2009
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A brand of jeans and other clothing.
Dam! He looks so hot in his new diesel jeans.
by Caleb November 17, 2003
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