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Noun. Casually referred to by some as a "toilet tempest"; however, this is no casual matter.

It is a serious condition that generally originates from the ingestion of Thai food that has not received an "A" on its recent health inspection examination. The first signs of the condition (i.e. flatulence to an instant need of new trousers) usually appear within 30 seconds to 6 hours after initial ingestion. Leave the premises in a hurry and find the nearest restroom. Sit down on the throne and push right through the initial traffic-jam. Think about popping the cork off a bottle of wine, it should soon start to flow. Like a storm. The term "toilet tempest" is derived thereof.

After a fierce, epic battle with the tempest, the wine bottle is finally empty. Now proceed to use up a whole roll of Charmin® Ultra Soft, even with the 25% bonus amount that you get when you buy a Costco pack. In the end, your anus will be (at least) chapped and bleeding, so you decide to leave a few squares of toilet paper in your underwear to soak up excess blood.

Well, upon trying to flush the toilet, you find that it has been clogged about 20 times over. Without your own plunger, you wash your hands (3 times) and leave the restroom. On the way out, you tell the janitor that there is a "surprise" waiting for him (of which he's already aware due to the stench that is peeling the paint off the walls). Finally, you go and find your friends and try to forget about the horrors that you've just experienced.
John: "Nick went with his friends to 'Wild Thai'. He ended up with explosive diarrhea."

Joe: "Toilet tempest, man!"
by pepto_bismol February 19, 2014
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"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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A liquid defacation so forceful you have to hold onto the toilet seat to avoid liftoff.
I ate the buffet at Foo Kee and ended up with explosive diarrhea
by Marquiz May 06, 2003
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To have diarrhea that is so compact and air tight in your anal cavity, that as soon is your buns touch the seat, your asshole explodes like a 12-gauge shotgun and you can hear the cries of 1000 virgins as the shit flies from your ass.
"Tom got so nervous before his big show he had explosive diarrhea and shit all over himself."
by Bofish December 21, 2008
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A painful situation where you feel like a Monday Night Football game is going on inside your colon. Caused by large amounts of liqueous diarrhea (either pure liquid or big, wet, juicy chunks) which are propelled out of the large intestine by tremendous gas pressure moving at high speed. Such an assplosion is usually followed by gasping, groaning or blaspheming, followed by a horrendous, foul stench about 3 seconds later. It will usually spray the interior of the bowl with the liquid waste, which may often include undigested bits of food such as okra, peanuts or sesame seeds.

Causes horrible intestinal contractions, speeding on the highway, perspiring, fervent praying and fumbling with keys to get inside to the john as you think "please let me get inside NOW, I swear this must be what childbirth is like". Tremendous relief immediately follows turning your toilet bowl into a radioactive disaster area.

"You all have after school d-hall--until the sick punk who sprayed explosive diarrhea on the bathroom radiator comes forward."
by sportster October 25, 2005
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Not always from eating too much of the wrong foods which is usually relieved and ends with 1 incident of it.

Can be a prolonged horrid condition that usually comes about from a bad bacterial stomach/intestional virus. A violent exploding stream of liquid that feels like hot foamy lava shooting from your poor poop hole along with mild to severe abdominal cramping. A frothy water that will range from shades of dark brown to a pale yellow. Depending on the cause it can last from just one incident where you get immediate relief, to 3 to 4 days until a doctor has to give you an RX to stop the awful stuff. The stream is so forceful it blasts against the toilet water forcefully causing a violent splash sending the soiled stinky water up all over your poor butt cheeks, and underside of toilet seat. Usually always accompanied by a very putrid pungent odor that you feel the need to grab the nearest towel while you are still stranded on the toilet bowl, or if not available, a wad of toilet paper to cover your nose until you can hurridly leave the bathroom.

The (danger) of this condition is DEHYDRATION. It is important to not let it run on and to sip on water thru-out the day until a couple of days after it subsides. Also accompanied by noisy bowels sounds as if a war is going on inside your poor lower abdominal area along with excessive very LOUD blasting explosive gassed up farts, queasy stomach discomfort, and severe weakness if it goes on for over 24 hours.
Gosh! While I was sick I had that awful exploding diarrhea that left me feeling so weak I could hardly move!
by Cathie February 27, 2004
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A mostly liquid rectal discharge of significant force and velocity resulting in fetid splatter throughout the interior of the toilet bowl, almost always accompanied by an intensely foul, gaseous emission caused by the violent release of putrified colonic gas. The relief from bowel pressure experienced after such an assplosion is usually offset by the burning sensation of anal itching known in the vernacular as the "Ring of Fire."

A morning after bout of explosive diarrhea confirmed that Vietnamese cuisine wasn't for me.
by pedrosian February 29, 2008
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