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A term for anal sex without lubrication. The term is commonly used to express a painful experience - such as a scalding telling off from your boss.
I had better finish this work to a high standard or I will get dry bummed
by ali October 24, 2004
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The best cell phone ever! You can take pictures with it, it is color, has two GREAT games, you can make backgrounds, screensavers, or ring tones, you can add a photo for everyone in your phone book, etc. Only $200!
"Oh man, I'm so jealous, George just got that Motorola V400! I'm stuck with this stupid, cheap Nokia phone!"
by ali March 20, 2004
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Making a round of drug deals.
Hey man, I'll brb, I gotta hit up some stangs
by ali February 24, 2005
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A tremendous metal band responsible for three of the best albums ever put on CD and a ferocious live act. KsE blend heavy metal riffage, great lyrics and a superb sense of melody to create a superb band.
'Rose Of Sharyn' is a great example of their music.
by ali October 25, 2004
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