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someone who is sexually attracted to males and females.
I'm bisexual :)
by Ali June 22, 2004

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A greebo is a person who listens to rock/punk/metal music and doesn't follow fashion trends.
They don't usually class themselves as being a greebo but are assigned that title by trendies/rudes. Some of them may look quite threatening but generally they are all around nice people and they resist starting fights or arguments with people who do follow trends. However, if you were to ask one if they had anything against trendies or rude boys their answer would seldom be 'no'. Almost all Greebos have some kind of disliking towards trendies mainly because they make their lives hell. Abuse is hurled at them when they walk down the street and they frequently get the crap beaten out of them for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they are different.
Greebos also seem to be fairly itelligent people if not it one way, they are bound to be intelligent in another, this may contribute to why greebos rarely start fights with trendies and rudes, because they are intelligent enough to know that it wont solve anything.
Greebos are alternative people who just want to be treated fairly.
Trendies: *sniff the air* Look, theres something that looks nothing like us, lets make it's life a living hell.
by Ali August 21, 2004

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a term used to say i dont care or fuk that shit
"pff yea rite like im gunna do that homework"
by ali April 07, 2004

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A method of inhaling drugs by holding a flame under a metal spoon filled with cocaine or any crushed pill. One holds a flame under the spoon and collects the fumes from the crushed pills in an empty bottle and the inhales these fumes by taking a hit off the bottle.
Sketchy Alex freebases epileptic drugs with my spoon.
by Ali October 17, 2003

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A tremendous metal band responsible for three of the best albums ever put on CD and a ferocious live act. KsE blend heavy metal riffage, great lyrics and a superb sense of melody to create a superb band.
'Rose Of Sharyn' is a great example of their music.
by Ali October 25, 2004

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For sure my negro friend, it is raining lightly out today.
one says "yo dawg it be drizzle?"
one replys "fo shizzle ma nizzle fizzle drizzle"
by Ali April 15, 2005

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its the slang word for hotel
Let's get nasty from the car to the telly
Benzino f/ Lil' Kim, Petey Pablo
Rock the Party (Remix)
by Ali November 24, 2004

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