104 definitions by ali

Hair, although short but somehow really big.
wow, that guy has a really nice quoff
by ali April 24, 2003
Extremely cheap and potent cider drank by scunners outside establishments such as Spar. Has a definite pronunciation.
Scunner: "We were 'avin a total mad mission of it, drinking White Lightning outside Spar"
by ali April 28, 2004
"yo i can dig that...thas koo:
by ali April 8, 2004
what you say to someone when you really don't ever wanna see them again because you aren't interested in them
Liz: I had fun, we should do this again sometime.

TRANSLATION: You bored the shit out of me and I'm not interested whatsoever! Never call me again.
by ali April 21, 2004
A brew made by witches, liked by Homestar runner.
W? what's that supposed to stand for? Witches brew or something?
by ali October 8, 2003
A combination of Objection , Exception, and Ali.

As in: Ali is confused, there is no Absextion!

Synonyms: Final. Perminent, unargueable.

Antonyms: Catcceptiance- A combination of Acceptance, Compliance, and Cat
"There is no Absextion to the rules, it may be facual it may be true"
by ali February 12, 2004
An absoutly horrid singer who lost American Idol and looks like a flounder (his eyes are crooked)
Hey! My fish looks like Clay Aiken!
by ali March 18, 2005