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The one word that will get your boss / parent / authority figure to give you the "deer in headlights" look and leave you alone. Regardless of what is being discussed; i.e. 1)drawn out over explained instructions on how to do a simple task 2) Typical Parental Lecture 3)"Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?" situations.

Instructions On Use: Step One - Wait For Pause In
Assailents Ranting
Step Two - Make Convincing And Direct
Eye Contact
Step Three - Say "Absolutely Boss, Dad
, Officer, Etc."
Step Four - Walk Away And Proceed Going
About Your Business
BOSS: "Hey (your name) Im glad I found you. Look Ive got a
bit of a situation. You see Tim was sick today, and
that means that his typical collateral duties of
emptying the trash in the managers office hasnt
been completed. I know you know how big an issue
this is. I mean wow if I could just get you to..."

YOU: "Absolutely" (remember to lock eyes and put on your
best "Im not stupid" face)

BOSS: .............

YOU: (proceed to carry on about your business as if nothing
by Odiumnox December 21, 2005
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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An interjection indicating affirmation in the extreme. Even more extreme than "sure," much more than "yup," and a world away from "uh huh." Used primarily to bullshit people into thinking you agree with something they said and that, of all people, you know what they're talking about. The former may or may not be true, but the latter seldom is.
Glenn Beck: We've already proven that Barack Obama's birth certificate was printed in 2005 at a Kinko's in Alexandria Virginia, which proves he's a Kenyan Muslim socialist. You know what I mean?

Teabagger: Absolutely! See you at the march!
by jdmatt July 14, 2010
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Absolutely is a word used to make a sentance seem stronger. It is used to make things seem better and more extreme, and is used for both positive and negitive attitudes. The word refers to someone's opinion mostly.
Person 1: I think dictionaries and vocabulary is absolutely boring!
Person 2: No, it's absolutely fantastic!
by uggson March 30, 2015
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To do something with a furious intensity.
I absolutely ate potato chips last night instead of a real dinner.
by Jesse Hattabaugh April 08, 2006
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ABSOLUTELY comes from the one and only group - my favourite molecule is jager WE LOVE ASS, BOOZE, AND PUSS

9102 CJN

ABSOLUTELY BABYYYY!! - Adam (Hound aka Condom Filler), Jack (Steve), Matt (Alfonzo), Jack (Gonzo), Charlie (UNIT), Duncan (Rinser), Tommy (Lil Tommy 2020, Montreal is not ready)
Fired up to participate in an activity.

Person 1 - RumPunch?
by LiilTommy February 19, 2019
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used to emphasize that something is completely true
You're absolutely right.
He made it absolutely clear.
I'm not absolutely certain I posted it.
It was absolutely pouring with rain.
absolutely no…, absolutely nothing used to emphasize something negative
She did absolutely no work.
There's absolutely nothing more the doctors can do.
There’s absolutely nothing more the doctors can do
via giphy
by Viszuals On YOUTUBE June 02, 2020
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